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Clean It Up 843 is happy to be the top deck washing professional of Myrtle Beach and surrounding cities. Our team knows the value a deck adds to your home. It's a perfect place to host cookouts, install a hot tub, entertain guests, and enjoy endless outdoor fun with your loved ones during spring and summer. That's why Clean It Up 843 wants to help you keep this fixture in excellent condition over the years. Our pressure washing is a highly effective way to address common issues that arise on deck areas like mold, algae, animal waste, sun fading, and much more. With one quick, convenient service, we'll have your deck looking better than it has in years and free of toxic organic growths and buildups that can lead to damage. In no time, you'll have a gorgeous, refreshed outdoor living space beckoning for your attention. If that sounds like just the upgrade you're looking for, then don't hesitate! Clean It Up 843 for the best deck washing in Myrtle Beach and get your deck looking spotless again.

Care For Your Deck Materials

Wood or composite decks are sturdy structures, but they aren't totally invulnerable to the effects of parasitic mold, insects, severe weather conditions, and water damage. Any one of these issues can send your deck to an early grave if left untreated, which means you could end up facing an expensive repair or replacement job well before you should. Routine deck washing effectively combats all of these problems and helps ensure the longevity of your deck's service life.

Restore Your Deck's Appearance

After years of exposure to the elements, your deck likely doesn't look the same as it once did. Sun rays, harsh weather conditions, grime accumulation, and outdoor pests all take a toll on your deck and cause its once vibrant appearance to suffer tremendously. Fortunately, you can rely on deck washing to help turn the situation around. It'll get rid of tough surface stains, stubborn dirt and debris, and signs of wear and tear sustained over the years to get your deck back to its original appeal.

Eliminate Possible Safety Hazards

As organic growths like mold and algae start to form on your deck's surface, you should be aware of the safety threat they present. These substances become slick when they get wet from rainfall or humidity, at which point they can cause slips and falls for you and anyone else occupying your deck area. To avoid injuries on your property, you want to schedule deck washing at the first sign of these growths. Our pressure washing technicians will eliminate them immediately and sanitize your deck's surface to prevent them from quickly redeveloping.

Fence Cleaning To Brighten Your Home's Exterior

In addition to superior deck washing, you can also call on us for transformative fence cleaning on your property. We specialize in cleaning wood and vinyl fences to remove a variety of buildups and discoloration. Our eco-friendly pressure washing will clear away grass stains and clippings, mud, dirt, bird droppings, algae, moss, and any other pollution that's tarnishing the clean appearance of your fencing. Not only will fence cleaning make your curb appeal go up, but it will also protect your fences from damage and decay.

Perfect Your Concrete With Pressure Washing

Is your home's driveway covered in stains and grime? If so, then it's not doing your property's curb appeal any favors. Your driveway is a significant focal point of your home's exterior, one that's nearly impossible to overlook from the street. However, even the dirtiest driveway is no match for Clean It Up 843's premier driveway washing service. Driveway washing is the most efficient way to treat your driveway for common eyesores like motor oil and dirt stains, weed growth, moss, algae, and more. After just one session, you'll have a driveway that looks new again and that will complement the overall beauty of your home.

Clean It Up 843: A Local Professional With Integrity

Clean It Up 843 takes pride in being a leader for Myrtle Beach pressure washing. Each day, we set out to deliver phenomenal results and exceptional customer service to our clients in the area because we believe that a job well done reflects our dedication and work ethic. You won't find another local company with more passion and skill, so look no further in your search for top-quality exterior cleaning. Call Clean It Up 843 for your next pressure washing project, and let us show you why Myrtle Beach has come to love us!`

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